Patrick Bérubé

Born in 1977 in Montréal, Canada

Patrick Bérubé holds a Master in Visual and Media Arts from the University of Quebec at Montreal in 2005. Finalist for the Pierre Ayot in 2010 and 2011 , his work was noticed nationally and internationally through its participation in numerous exhibitions and major events. Notably, in 2010, during the exhibition ” This is not a casino ” Casino Luxembourg , Luxembourg and the Villa Merkel in Germany. In 2005 , he received the Jury Prize in the context of the 3rd international art manifestation Quebec. There are also several artist residencies including the residence of the Conseil des arts et letters du Québec in Barcelona, ​​Spain , in 2009, at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris in 2007 and Buy- Sellf in Bordeaux in 2011. He made ​​his first solo exhibition in New York in January 2013. Active member of the Clark Gallery , there is also a founding member of the collective Picnic . Since 2010, he has produced three works of architectural integration .

Artistic Approach

My practice is mainly sculpture, installation and public intervention. Space and place are very important in my work , both in the creative process in the work itself . Integration instead allows me to cross my limits and through different contexts of creation and his inspiring constraints. Questioning our desires and cravings often futile , it is with a touch of irony and humor that I question our behavior and reactions to different situations of helplessness and vulnerability. This loss of control often cause an emotional disorder and a series of contradictory feelings. However, my work and try to get the viewer to confront similar dispositions . In doing so, I create anomalies, discontinuities, destabilize , that surprise and tries to bring the visitor to stop and wonder about these irregularities. These extravagances , these fantasies are trying to bring the viewer in situations of doubt and mystery thus forcing together of items that would normally incompatible.