Eager Vanity – West 10th Window, New York | march 9 – april 18, 2014

The store front (showcase) reveals as much as it conceals; it simulates, but equally isolates the viewer. Paradoxically, this alienation triggers both a desire and creates a deprivation. Consequently, we are simultaneously presented with an object of desire and of frustration. Inspired by vanities, the work reveals ambition and hope on one hand and on the other, wealth and pleasure, and even loss of identity or stupidity. As a symbol of vain greed, the work exposes the worthlessness of certain pleasures and ephemeral desires and points to the absurdity and to the possible traps that these lay. The installation questions our constant quest to power, control and comfort and seeks to show that despite all precautions, certain things escape us and that we remain ostensibly vulnerable as victims of our own futile desires.

West 10th Window
223 – 225 West 10th Street, NYC

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